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400MN large die forging hydraulic press was formally put into operation in Xi'an Yanliang National Aviation High-tech Industrial Base
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Stainless elbow forming machine

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The series of hydraulic press is mainly designed and constructed for cold forming process of stainless steel elbows. Optimized by computer aided design, the structure is three-beam four-column type which is durable and economic. The pushing cylinder is fixed on the right side of the lower beam, and the oil reservoir is top-mounted as well as the hydraulic control system. The whole appearance is compact and space saving. The unique front mechanism for core rod turning and discharging is easy to adjust and operate. The cartridge valve integrated unit is equipped for hydraulic control system, with high reliability, durability, and small hydraulic shock. Compact manifold blocks simplify pipeline connection and ensure leak free hydraulic system. Electrical system adopts centralized button control based on PLC, featuring reliable actions, easy operation and convenient maintenance. Three operation modes are provided: adjustment, two-hand single circle and continuous operations. According to requirements, stroke and pressure can be adjusted within specified scope. It can realize the fixed pressure forming process and fixed stroke forming process.

■ Displacement sensor, Pressure sensor

■ Industry touching screen monitor

■ Slide upper locking device

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