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400MN large die forging hydraulic press was formally put into operation in Xi'an Yanliang National Aviation High-tech Industrial Base
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C-frame Hydraulic Press

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The C-frame vertical structure designed by computer aided optimization is adopted for this series of hydraulic press, with the advantage of compact, high rigidity and easy operation. By the driving system inside setting, the press appears neat and attractive. Slide direction guide rod is provided for higher accuracy. The cartridge valve integrated unit is equipped for hydraulic control system, with high reliability, durability, and small hydraulic shock. Compact manifold blocks simplify pipeline connection and ensure leak free hydraulic system. Electrical system is controlled by the centralized button, with adjustment operation mode or pedal operation mode. According to requirements, stroke and pressure can be adjusted within specified scope. It can realize the fixed pressure forming process and fixed stroke forming process, as well as the functions of pressure holding and automatic return. Optionally equipped with a proportional pressure control valves and displacement sensors, the precise control of system pressure, flow and displacement can be achieved, which is particularly suitable for high-precision assembly.

This press is applicable for straightening processes of shaft parts and profiled bar, as well as forming process of powder and plastic products.

■ Drawing, forming and coining processes for small size sheet metal products 

■ Straightening and press-in processes for shaft and sleeve parts 

■ Non-metal materials, plastic products and powder products forming processes

■ Proportional regulation for slide speed

■ Displacement sensor

■ Light curtain safety device

■ Industrial touching screen monitor

■ Straightening table

■ Programmable Logic controller

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