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400MN large die forging hydraulic press was formally put into operation in Xi'an Yanliang National Aviation High-tech Industrial Base
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Hydraulic deep drawing press for sink

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Being computer aided optimization in design, this series hydraulic press is mainly applicable to deep drawing process of stainless steel. The structure is divided into two classes: three-beam four-column type and frame type with pulling rod. The slide can be fitted with single or multiple cylinders for providing nominal force. A hydraulic cushion is mounted in the lower beam, and there are plenty of ejector rod holes in the working table. In view of the fact that the deep drawing products are easily wrinkled, the electro-hydraulic proportional device is equipped for carrying out accurate segmental pressure control, which achieved a good effect and greatly reduced rejection rate. Electrical system adopts imported displacement sensor, pressure sensor and industry touching screen monitor. Stroke and pressure settings for slide and cushion are easily completed through the user interface. It is convenient to storing and calling the process parameters of multiple groups of molds. Selecting on the control panel, float drawing, reverse drawing and other processes can be accomplished.

■ Lubrication system for die

■ Proportional regulation for slide speed

■ Light curtain safety device

■ Oil cooling device

■ Knock-out device

■ Moving table

■ Quick die clamping device

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