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400MN large die forging hydraulic press was formally put into operation in Xi'an Yanliang National Aviation High-tech Industrial Base
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Framework-type Hydraulic Stamping & Drawing Press

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With the frame and pull rod type pre-tightening structure, this series of hydraulic press is high in rigidity and easy to assemble and disassemble. Due to the adoption of the four-corner eight-side guide way, the slide has high direction precision and eccentric load resistance performance. By a centralized automatic circulating lubrication system, the abrasion resistance of the guide plate is improved, the service life is prolonged, and the oil pollution is reduced. The cartridge valve integrated unit is equipped for hydraulic control system, with high reliability, high flow volumes, and convenient for maintenance. Compact manifold blocks reduce pipeline connection and ensure leak free hydraulic system. New type oil cylinder sealing components enable long and reliable life time. Electrical system adopts centralized button control based on PLC, featuring sensitivity, flexibility and simple operation. This hydraulic press has the operation modes of adjusting, two-hand single circle, continuing, etc. Through the control panel, not only the fixed stroke or fixed pressure forming process can be realized, but also can select these process actions such as positive drawing, float drawing and reverse drawing. Optionally equipped with cutting damping system, this series of hydraulic press can achieve full-tonnage and low-noise stamping, which is a replacement of mechanical press.

The press is suitable for drawing, bending, forming, stamping and flanging stamping processes, especially for the following fields:

■ Automobile parts: vehicle bodywork, brake discs, oil tanks, chassis, and bumpers.

■ Household appliances: washing machine parts, electric cooker parts, TV set parts, refrigerator parts, etc.

■ Kitchenware: kitchen sinks, tableware, stainless steel articles and other containers.

■ Moving Table

■ Proportional regulation for slide speed and force

■ Proportional regulation for cushion force

■ Cutting damping system

■ Light curtain safety device

■ Oil cooling device

■ Displacement sensor, Pressure sensor

■ Industry touching screen monitor

■ Quick die clamping device

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